Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Fix?

I woke up today and realized that I am, in no particular order:
  • fat
  • un-athletic
  • spending too much
  • not being an attentive enough mother
  • not recycling enough things
  • not training the dog
  • really unhappy with my marriage
  • wishing I kept the house cleaner
  • wishing I enjoyed my kids more
  • wanting to take some interesting next step with my job

Frighteningly, I am sure I have forgotten many other things, as well.

The conventional wisdom of the times is to cut myself a break, lighten up,forget about it. Lots of people are fat- just look around! Lots of people buy bottled water and fail to recycle! Lots of people are not me. I am not looking for how low the bar can be- I am looking for how high I can go.

A public blog seems like an odd way to commence a private revolution. But, having had the other blog for so many years, with a readership of, I think, ten, I have infinite security that this most public of formats is actually a reasonable way to keep track of my efforts.

On to format. When I was a little child, I remember reading a biography where the subject of the book kept a diary. On the left hand page every day, she wrote her failures. On the right hand page, her successes. So, that is my plan, except I am way too dorky to want to have to left justify and tab every thing, so I'm thinking list form. Love me some bullet points, I do. Onward.

Good Stuff:
  • no (non food) shopping today
  • no coffee purchased
  • walked with kid two, listened to Pokemon chatter patiently
  • gave my mom a gift for no reason
  • drank two cups of water
  • saw my doctor for follow up
  • calculated my BMI yikes
  • Weighed myself: 241 pounds Yikes
  • brought my lunch
  • cooked dinner ( chicken Marsala , rice, broccoli. Making jook for lunch)

Bad Stuff
  • no gym visit
  • didn't write down anything I ate
  • ditto spending
  • no dog walk

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