Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day Two

  • I did not eat the donut. Or the muffing, the bagel, the chocolate or the cake-plus
  • I did eat the cookies-minus
  • I did not buy coffee at work- plus.
  • I did buy coffee with the kids, who had hot chocolates. I think that is OK.
  • I refilled the water bottle I bought yesterday- plus.
  • I went to the used bookstore instead of the new bookstore, using credit earned from books sold- plus.
  • I bought books- minus.
  • I am eating a lollop- minus.
  • It is organic- plus.
  • It has a plastic wrapper- minus
  • I will compost the stick in the food scraps- lame plus
  • A box from Amazon arrived with a book I like, but do not actually remember ordering- big minus
  • I just turned off one click- plus
  • I took the bus, saving four dollars on parking-plus
  • I walked a mile to the bus- plus
  • I am incapable of putting working gadgets on my blog-minus


  1. I think I'm going to like your blog. I found it via drugmonkey's blog. ;-)

  2. Used books!!! Never even occurred to me to go to one and it's only a mile from my house!

  3. I am with you on many of these things. It is too easy to order on the Internet ... and it is too easy to not eat properly, or get up and move ... hang in there, I'm rooting for both of us!