Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day Three

I took bottled water to the Maker Faire, bought only two magazines, and did not yell at kids even once. All pluses. Came home tired, am now ignoring my husband, or he is ignoring me, minus.

Made fried rice out of leftovers, plus. ( Method- heat some oil in a heavy pan while you look for cold cooked rice, pathetic little scraps of meat and veg left overs, and an egg. Dump the rice into the hot oil, followed by whatever bits you have dredged from the fridge and chopped fine. Shake some soy sauce on. Don't stir yet. Beat an egg in a bowl, wait for some browned bits to appear on the cooking part, and dump the egg in. Now you stir, and continue to do so until the egg is well cooked.)

Bought two new shirts yesterday, minus.

ONLY bought two shirts, plus.


  1. Woolywoman,
    Can I ask why you decided not to be a critical care nurse? It must be a highly stressful position. Forgive me for being nosy but there are so many changes for people lately I was just interested. Thanks!
    I would choose to be at home myself. I taught 31 first graders this year and the stress (no help) was huge.

  2. I got a giggle from your nice honesty...but I think this is all a year ago. what happened next?