Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day Three

I took bottled water to the Maker Faire, bought only two magazines, and did not yell at kids even once. All pluses. Came home tired, am now ignoring my husband, or he is ignoring me, minus.

Made fried rice out of leftovers, plus. ( Method- heat some oil in a heavy pan while you look for cold cooked rice, pathetic little scraps of meat and veg left overs, and an egg. Dump the rice into the hot oil, followed by whatever bits you have dredged from the fridge and chopped fine. Shake some soy sauce on. Don't stir yet. Beat an egg in a bowl, wait for some browned bits to appear on the cooking part, and dump the egg in. Now you stir, and continue to do so until the egg is well cooked.)

Bought two new shirts yesterday, minus.

ONLY bought two shirts, plus.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day Two

  • I did not eat the donut. Or the muffing, the bagel, the chocolate or the cake-plus
  • I did eat the cookies-minus
  • I did not buy coffee at work- plus.
  • I did buy coffee with the kids, who had hot chocolates. I think that is OK.
  • I refilled the water bottle I bought yesterday- plus.
  • I went to the used bookstore instead of the new bookstore, using credit earned from books sold- plus.
  • I bought books- minus.
  • I am eating a lollop- minus.
  • It is organic- plus.
  • It has a plastic wrapper- minus
  • I will compost the stick in the food scraps- lame plus
  • A box from Amazon arrived with a book I like, but do not actually remember ordering- big minus
  • I just turned off one click- plus
  • I took the bus, saving four dollars on parking-plus
  • I walked a mile to the bus- plus
  • I am incapable of putting working gadgets on my blog-minus

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Fix?

I woke up today and realized that I am, in no particular order:
  • fat
  • un-athletic
  • spending too much
  • not being an attentive enough mother
  • not recycling enough things
  • not training the dog
  • really unhappy with my marriage
  • wishing I kept the house cleaner
  • wishing I enjoyed my kids more
  • wanting to take some interesting next step with my job

Frighteningly, I am sure I have forgotten many other things, as well.

The conventional wisdom of the times is to cut myself a break, lighten up,forget about it. Lots of people are fat- just look around! Lots of people buy bottled water and fail to recycle! Lots of people are not me. I am not looking for how low the bar can be- I am looking for how high I can go.

A public blog seems like an odd way to commence a private revolution. But, having had the other blog for so many years, with a readership of, I think, ten, I have infinite security that this most public of formats is actually a reasonable way to keep track of my efforts.

On to format. When I was a little child, I remember reading a biography where the subject of the book kept a diary. On the left hand page every day, she wrote her failures. On the right hand page, her successes. So, that is my plan, except I am way too dorky to want to have to left justify and tab every thing, so I'm thinking list form. Love me some bullet points, I do. Onward.

Good Stuff:
  • no (non food) shopping today
  • no coffee purchased
  • walked with kid two, listened to Pokemon chatter patiently
  • gave my mom a gift for no reason
  • drank two cups of water
  • saw my doctor for follow up
  • calculated my BMI yikes
  • Weighed myself: 241 pounds Yikes
  • brought my lunch
  • cooked dinner ( chicken Marsala , rice, broccoli. Making jook for lunch)

Bad Stuff
  • no gym visit
  • didn't write down anything I ate
  • ditto spending
  • no dog walk